Hello everyone, I'm a visiting surfer from northeast Florida, St Augustine to be exact, and I come every summer to visit some family on long island. I've surfed for almost 10 years now and have been lucky enough to catch a couple swells the past few summers around Sagaponack. I've also gone out to Montauk ever since I was a kid to Hither Hills state park for beach days with the family but mostly before I got into surfing. Now I've seen Ditch Plains and heard of a few other go to surf spots around here that ill leave unnamed, however I have a few friends that I'm looking to take out on some rental boards for a quick lesson or two and I was just wondering if a local or two would give me some advice on the best place to teach them without getting in the way. More specifically, how rocky is the break at ditch plains and on a small day would it be a good place to teach a few beginners a few hundred yards down the beach? If not, where else around Montauk has a sandbar that would be good break for them to learn on some mellow waves? Also, does anyone have a recommendation on which local shop is good to rent a few long boards for them from? Thanks for the advice and just so everyone knows ill make sure I bring them away from the crowds so they dont kook anywhere up