I met the ocean for the first time in August of last year when I moved down to the eastern shore of VA. I did not know my a#% from a hole in the sand but the ocean had a unique appeal. Knowing I was out of my element and some common surf culture stereotypes/stigmas, I took a humble and observant approach. I stayed away from other people knowing I had very little control in the water the 1st few times. Eventually the beach regulars started to help me out; some gave me used equipment others spent time coaching and surfing with me. I learned so much about the ocean and I got the bug! I still suck but I always learn and improve every time I go out. Anyway, I enjoy the forum even when the lack of waves creates a level of discourse similar to the social patterns of deranged hyenas on crystal meth. Anyway, I am moving to NH about an hour from the coast. I cannot find too much info on this region and would like some help. I know specifics are tough but as specific as you are willing to get would be great! General differences, culture, spots/breaks and equipment would be a start but I defer to those who know more so whatever you feel is important would be great!