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    Hi guys,.
    Check out online sites that have daily deals on items but only one a day. They just did a couple different board shorts on bjjhq, so idk if they'll have one for a couple days.
    hire a surfboard
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    Quote Originally Posted by ragdolling View Post
    I could be wrong, but I disagree. I think board shorts just got longer as ALL sorts of shorts got longer in the 90's after Michael Jordan set the standard and started wearing longer shorts (check out pre 90's NBA films!) And I agree, the trend got ridiculous. Shorts past the knee are defeating the purpose (unless you're a CA surfer kneeling on your longboard). But I hope they keep making long ones. I have friggin' chicken legs and the longer shorts make me look so much less goofy.
    yup, that's pretty true of all shorts (though i don't know that one trend followed the other). but i, on the other hand, have great legs and flying in the face of fashion these last few years to show them has not been easy. i'm ready for shorter shorts

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    having started on the magnum pi shorties in the early 80s I will keep my longer shorts. the wax rash just isn't worth buying into fashion. now for walkshorts, the OPs are cool but Jimmy Zs rule all!

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    Everyone loves to see my hairy, pastey legs along with my bazooka bubble gum ballz starting to show with this new trend....

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    20in. inseam is perfect.

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    This pic is from Hurley's 2012 Fall Collection
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    Quote Originally Posted by GnarActually View Post
    20in. inseam is perfect.
    THIS x10000000!

    i'm pretty happy w/ 19", too though