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    headhunters all day. It is a little pricey but you dont need much and it is nongreasy and actually last in the water a lot longer then any other protection ive tried. Skin cancer is no joke.In my 20s i paid it no mind but the older you get the more you realize your not invincible.I know several young people to get it. I work outside every day so it has become more important to me. Most sunscreens dont stay on in water but headhunters is the truth.

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    i use spf 50/100 lotion on my face and get the spf 50 spray to get my back as best as possible. I haven't really got burnt all summer, just a little here and there on my upper shoulders. My sister's husband's father, who has been surfing his entire life and now around 55 had skin cancer on his bottom lip. It looked like a really nasty fever blister. I definetly don't want any of that on my face!

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    As a kid I tanned every time I went outside. I got so tan I looked dirty. You could only see my teeth at night. I am south east Asian so it is natural to be tan. At 36 yrs of age I had a little spot on my collar bone area removed. Even with good tanning pigment it can happen. Now I always surf in a shirt or rubber. I also keep one of those Chapstick looking sun block sticks in my cup holder and a hat and rashgaurd or t shirt in the car.

    I have a balled friend and his wife said it best ... "put a hat on, what do you want, to get PIZZA HEAD".

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    It does what its told! It takes the survey! It takes care of the skin so I can wear it

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    I don't use commercial sunscreen. it's too toxic and has been proven to cause cancer. yes you heard it. it causes cancer. i make my own from coconut oil, beeswax, and natural zinc oxide. it's way way cheaper to. plus i juice lots of veggies and aloe, so my body has built its own natural defense. don't buy into what all these companies claim. YOUR SUNSCREEN IS TOXIC!

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    Bullfrog surfers Gel - HAS to be the one with the orange cap - it's like wearing a flannel shirt. Lasts for hours.
    Plus the spray for the back - and sad to say now, my head.

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    this topic doesn't matter much since you're on your computer and not actually out surfing. and besides melanoma is rad

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    skin cancer is no joke. i have had too many family members and friends suffer from it. investing $20 in a bottle of watermen's is the way to go... the alternative is a disaster and it will keep you out of the lineup.....

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    I prefer Will Ferrell's "Forbidden Fruit." They've done studies, you know. 60% of the time, it works every time.

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    If it's very hot then I use sunscreen sp 15 but rarely, you should use any good sunscreen to avoid skin damage and sun burns.

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