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Thread: Vintage boards

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    It can be costly to get a vintage old school design. I would say better to get a modern retro shape unless you luck in to a good deal. CI's single fins is very true to the 70's version above and is a blast to surf. Look some of the shapes Alxe Knost and Tudor ride in the egg type range.

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    damn, I want that CI...300 bucks is a steal...on the wrong coast again..this is gettin' old.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ND081 View Post
    you should check out some of josh kerr's single fin stuff. it's crazy considering he probably does the most progressive airs out of anyone right now, and can still rip on a vintage board
    He does some sick stuff with a single. Just once I would like to see someone like Slater use a a single on tour.Ithink that would be fun to watch.