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    If money is no object and you can get in, University of Hawaii wins no contest. If money is a concern, you want good waves and you still want to get into an excellent University; attend either San Diego City Community College or Mesa Community College for two years. Everbody gets in, excellent teachers (my favorite instructor ever, a C++ professor probably still teaches at City) and one of the best community college systems in the country. Keep your grades up and you get preferred admission to any Cal State or UC School. You can attend classes at City, Palomar, Mesa, Mira Costa and a couple of other campuses all in the same semester. I've never known anyone who had good grades to have any trouble transferring to either SDSU or UCSD. Worked for me.

    ~Oh yeah, this worked so well, that I did it on my own dime, grants & scholarships and walked with 0 debt, just FYI.
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