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Thread: Surf Colleges

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    Quote Originally Posted by surf05 View Post
    and regarding the guy that says hawaii is a "death pit". if there is any truth to this can someone please elaborate?
    Lots of meth and pills (oxy) in Hawaii. Earlier this year a friend of the family who I watched grow up (I'm over 10 years older) was killed riding his bike in a hit-and-run near the campus. They later found the driver cranked out of her mind. She has multiple drug and vehicle past offenses, yet she still found it in herself to plow over this young man and cut his life horribly short.

    Read up on the stories of Da Hui or just google "Hawaii" and "crystal meth."

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    regarding honolulu, every day on the news it seems: something burns down and/or someone gets killed by hit and run. Depending on what your major is you could look into one of the UH satellite campuses like UH Hilo...
    Personally, I don't know that I'd necessarily base my academic and professional future on going to school where the best waves are.

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    Quote Originally Posted by surf05 View Post

    also, would it make more sense to live in CA for a year to get residency, then go to 4 year college, or do 2 years of community college there first? are there financial benefits for doing 2 years of community over there?
    Either way is a smart route. IF you do a year at mesa college, get your residency then transfer your credits they may not ALL be accepted, but you cut the 4 year university's bill down substantially due to you being a "resident".

    On the other hand if you complete an associates degree at mesa CC (1.5 - 2 years depending on course load), most state schools will honor that degree and you can pick up right where you left off.

    Find out where you want to eventually go, tell an advisor your plan and see what they say.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dlrouen View Post
    Denali is landlocked. I meant to say Denali Parkway - I believe that is the highway I took from Anchorage to Yakutat. It connects mainland to the southern regions/beaches. Ideally, Juneau is the closest \\\\\\\"city\\\\\\\" to Yakutat, but UAA is the best university in AK.
    denali parkway? highway to yakutat? uaa best? not too sure what you're talking about here. never heard of the denali parkway and there are no roads to yakutat - access is by plane or boat only. if you drove, you didn't get there...uaf (fairbanks) is the flagship of the ua system but obviously not a surf school if you check a map. uaa (anchorage) is a couple of years removed from being a community college, but anchorage isn't a bad place to be for surf (and big mountain) access because you can get short flights to kodiak, yakutat, etc. (the best breaks in ak are only accessible by plane or boat). the only decent surf you can get to on the road system is out on the kenai peninsula. there are a couple of community college branches on the kp - one in kenai and one down in homer. homer/anchor point probably has the best road access surf in ak (3+ hour drive from anch) - regularly fun, but rarely epic. boat trips and/or short flights are required to really score up here. camping on homer spit last week:IMG_1786.jpgIMG_1665.jpg
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    May I ask what your SAT scores were?

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    Quote Originally Posted by nysurfer94 View Post
    I am currently attending the University of Hawaii at Manoa this fall 2012 semester as an incoming freshman. Im an 18 year old surf addict from Long Island, New York and believe me, I am 100% stoked on this school choice. I figured focusing on school and surfing was the best way to go. Schools in California are very hard to get into, especially for out of staters. I applied to San Diego State and didn't get in. If you have average grades, You will have no problem getting in to UH Manoa since they want more out of state students. UH Manoa is an excellent school academically speaking offering over 200 degrees in Bachelor's, Master's, and Doctoral major fields. Not to mention the North Shores a 45 minute car ride away from the cant beat it dude. Its the perfect place to go to college if surfing is a priority for you. Ill post UH Manoa's website below, it's got a lot of info you'll need if your considering this school. Hope I helped and maybe ill see you out there!
    May I ask what your SAT scores were?

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    Quote Originally Posted by cresto4 View Post
    denali parkway? highway to yakutat? uaa best? not too sure what you're talking about here.IMG_1786.jpgIMG_1665.jpg
    How's it hanging up there, cresto? Sounds like I definitey botched the whole AK thing up. It's been more than 10 years since I was up there, so please excuse my lack of direction. We took a sea plane somewhere, but I don't remember exactly where we went. I didn't think it was Yakutat, but I could be wrong.

    I visited a few schools when I was up there and UAA seemed to be pretty legit. I didn't look into the school's curriculum and history, but I would much rather be in Anchorage than Fairbanks. Schooling aside, Ketchikan is my favorite city. I spotted a massive shark tooth - megalodon? - from a footbridge, but I couldn't find a way to climb down. I still think about that tooth....

    You've got some beautiful country up there, cresto. Next time you're in Juneau, grab a Freeride for me at Red Dog Saloon.

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    I would go to California. I had a great time at UNCW but outside of surfers and nc, people will look at your resume with a confused look on their face. Sure it's gotten harder to get into but it's still school at the beach, which doesn't create a great academic environment. Good waves are maybe twice a month and it gets crowded. I live in NYC now and although it gets good occasionally, it still has the typical east coast problems. Knee high short period wind swell is the norm unless you've got a hurricane or nor'easter. Lot of guys get off surfing in 35 water with snow on the beach and 30 mph offshore winds. That's cool but California on an average day is as good and you won't be in a survival situation.

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    1. Brown University
    2. University of Rhode Island(tell 'em you're from Jersey)
    3. Pepperdine University - if you like summer courses and crowds
    4. The Richard J Stockton College of NJ(Get and education and become a gambling addict)
    5. University of NC-Wilmington(maybe Erock will rent you a room. He likes UNCW students and you may run into Jennelle Evans from Teen Mom 2)
    6. University of Maryland - Salisbury
    7. Harvard University
    8. Fresno State
    9. Any school north of the Golden Gate Bridge(wear Nikes, smoke weed, and complain aboot corporate America)
    10. Rutgers University - Camden(This one's for you, WalkingonH20)

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    Try northern mich univ. in Marquette. Da U P eh. Storm surfing in the bay is awesome. Ya think jersey is cold not even close. Bring a 5mm suit. There is no line ups to wait in and no sharks, just sea cows.