Coil is definitely worth the money. I am not sure where you guys are getting your customs from but I have quite a few... actually I have only bought 2 boards off the rack at a shop. I don't think I have every payed under 600$ for a custom board with shipping. 700$ is not bad at all plus the quality of these boards are insane. I bought my first coil 3 years has been through hell. Costa Rica twice and calif about 3 times now. The board still has not one single ding and still has the same pop as it did when I first bought it. Since I got my first coil I have ordered 3 more boards from them (one is a step-up that went insane at blacks in CA) and haven't looked back since. I don't even have the urge to try another "company". I don't even like posting about them because less people know and order boards the sooner they get my orders done.