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    After a rain

    NJ is usually ok after a rain... A big NE blow sends all the medical waste from NYC so that's normally when I'm a little cautious but at the same time, we all know the value of a good NE so you weigh the risks and dodge the illegally dumped needles from our friends at NY Presbyterian Hospital. I would never surf the day after a rain anywhere in Cali from Ventura south. Non-treated raw runoff from the streets dumps into the pacific at god knows how many river mouths... Malibu, Seal Beach, Tamarack, HB... all absolutely disgusting after rain out there. I scraped my foot on a rock... something you wouldn't even band-aid... near Topanga, and it took 3 rounds of antibiotics to knock out whatever the hell was in my system. That was the only lesson I needed... minimum 24 hours after a rainfall... preferably 36. Stay healthy.

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    never gave it a second throught in NJ or the east coast for that matter. certain parts of the west coast it is a whole different story...