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    Pura Vida

    Just got back from another 3 week adventure in Costa Rica. We hit up the pacific central coast including Boca Barranca, Playa Jaco, Playa Hermosa, Playa Esterellios, Playa Dominical, Punta Banco and yes PAVONES AGAIN. Swells weren't huge running 5-7 feet which in east coast terms means 8 to 12 foot faces. 20 days of straight surfing, 4 to 7 hours per day!!! If anyone is going to Costa Rica in the future, hit me up and I'll point you in the right direction. Met some great people again like Marshall, who owns the La Ponderosa in Pavones. He is THE MAN down there...especially when you have people like Rob Machado, Corey Lopez and yes Strider staying at your place: http://laponderosapavones.com/site/

    To make the trip complete, we sat next to Buttons and Peter Medina on the plane ride home...so cool. Reality check...yes it's 1-3 feet here at home. It will take time to get reajusted to east coast living but you know what...we are so fortunate to have what we have. We may not have the best waves, but we all live close to a beach, have cars, ac, things we take for granted. We could all so with a little less....life isn't bad at all, even when its flat.

    Some great books to check out: Liard Hamilton's Book, In Search of Captain Zero, and The Ghost Wave, the stroy behind Cortez

    Pura Vida
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    Sounds like a fun trip. How much did 3 weeks end up costing you? How many different places did you stay?

    I'm trying to plan a 2 week + trip sometime early next year to the Caribbean or Central America in the Spring or Summer.

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    Agreed Imperial!! Going to Costa Rico really makes you appreciate this country as bad as it can be. The waves are great there but the poverty is outrageous. You know things are bad when the grazing herds of cattle live better than the human population at large. I am disgusted how many of the local people are expert thieves and the fact you cannot leave anything anywhere at anytime near any beach. They are always lurking through the forrest behind the beach. We got robbed on a private beach with no one in sight near the Langusta rivermouth Tamarindo. The scum bag crawled nude out of the woods and was on our beach towel stealing our beach bag. We were well aware of this problem and we still got beat. They are so slick its unreal. I chased the Ticos on a daily basis when they would sneak around the rivermouth and come out where we were sitting. It got a bit tiring after 10 days.

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    Poverty? No doubt there is plenty but try going to a really poor country. Costa Rica is very rich compared to those in the region, even more so on a global perspective. In any foreign country don't bring anything to the beach you don't want to get lifted. The hotels are right there, no need to bring anything to the beach you can't hide easily.