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Thread: Wooden Boards

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    Wooden Boards

    Anyone have/had a hollow balsa board? Thinking about a wood retro fish, wondering how they hold up.


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    sounds cool. i know guys that surf wood and fiberglass boards( wood instead of foam) it looks cool.

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    i know the guy from soul tree, jesse, he drives the big white dodge sprinter. he makes balsa wood boards and theyre legit as hell. i demo'd one in ortley and the things so stiff it just goes. all speed. i tried a shortboard. fish would've been better probly

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    Whats up Guys. this is Jesse from Soultree. thanks for the shout out MEX. i make many different shapes and styles of hollow chambered Balsawood surfboards. visit for a looksee. Soultree is hosting a Party for our new shop (the Outside Set Gallery) in 30 monmouth st Red Bank NJ this thursday 7pm. many boards to check out.

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