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  1. The man in gray

    Saturday in Frisco a bull shark as long as my log followed me all the way down a wave face. A section came, between the sandbar and the beach, and I look down... Huge f*cking shark chasing me, I look forward towards the beach, 2 (I sh*t you not) two motherflugging hammerheads are swimming in a figure 8 between me and the beach. Stuck between a pissed off bull and a couple little exotic boogers, I said "*$%^ I HAVE to make this section". I took a half step forward on the board, made the section and stepped off the board into sand ready to cry for my mommy. About a dozen people on the beach saw it and came over to have the "OH MY GOD" conversation. Oh my god.

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    Frisco--best place to have a close encounter of the grey kind. I wrote about a similar experience in the thread a few months back regarding the sketchiest session you have ever had. Thanks for reminding me..... I think.

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    Your rent was due!

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    whoa! its rare to see hammer's close to the beach! I've only ever seen it once when I saw one snatch a bird sitting on top of the water in Hatty during the '05 or '06 warmest winter ever.... think I posted that story somewhere along with the day I was surfing Askins Creek in '00 or '01 and a Russian dude got eaten and his girl lost a leg to a sand tiger... come to think of it Hatty makes up the majority of my shark encounter stories
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    The only bull in this post ends with ****.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by SkegLegs View Post
    The only bull in this post ends with ****.
    Haters gonna hate. At least 12 people saw it, 4 of them were with me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SkegLegs View Post
    The only bull in this post ends with ****.
    3 sharks, one wave? sorry, i call bs too

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    Jeeze!! That's crazy. I got freaked out for a few minutes ago a couple weeks ago when some bigger fish decided to smack into my foot.

  9. i can't believe you people are doubting shark sightings in frisco. I guess in jersey you never see them through that poo poo brown water, but you could see 50ft under water down there and yes I saw more than 3 sharks that day, much much more. I took the SUP out afterwards and I could see about a dozen sharks coming and going around the sandbar, ranging from baby to the bulls to the little hammerheads. Pretty sure I saw a little black tip but it could have just had something on it's fin.

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    Sharks pov: Is that a meal?...... let's take a look arrrgghhhhh