I'm currently riding a 7'6 / 21 / 2 5/8ths tri fin fun board. The board is good for what we get here on long island - very easy to catch waves, decent gliding along the wave (it has some rocker, but not so much where you need to keep it on rail) and very responsive.

I'm looking to upgrade (downgrade?) to a shorter board - I also have a 5'10 Channel Island Flyer, however for the waves I ride it just doesn't catch waves fast enough, and requires a little too much pumping to stay on the wave. The new board needs to be more floaty; pretty much a groveler.

I'm basically looking for a board that's inbetween these two boards - I want the paddling power / catchyness of the funboard I am riding, but also the ability to duck dive and attack the wave more. I was looking into getting a fish, but after checking out reviews for this board with the new tail shape it's making me think that this may be my answer, plus the ability to switch between tri - quad fin seems interesting. It would be ridden in 1 - 2 foot to head high surf.

Can anyone speak from experience on how this board rides? How's the paddling power? Could this be an all around board I could use in 1 foot - head high surf?

I'm 5'8 and 145 lbs... but i'm thinking maybe go a bit bigger, like 5'8 - 5'10 to really be an in between board.