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    Quote Originally Posted by Earl of Funk/Duke of Cool View Post
    Give the old lady a good pipe-laying and tell her your staying put. If she digs you and knows what you have a passion for then she will come to you.
    ah back to the ole pipe laying. give her a good one of those and her priorities will be set straight in no time

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    Quote Originally Posted by BigWorm View Post
    Personally, I wouldn't take a **** 20 minutes inland.

    What's GOOD?

    I second that.

    I bought a house 60 minutes from my job and 11 minutes from my break. Priorities are what define you.

    Everything can and will change except yourself so be where you, yourself are happy.

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    Stay salted for life! Screw anything inland (well then come home)....mountains, desert all sucks the life outta ya! Stay at the beach bro! has never failed me and girls have time and time again!

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    Quote Originally Posted by patgeds22 View Post
    Life's big decisions, not talking about the midwest but maybe 5-6 hours inland what would you do?
    The real question here is, "Is a girl worth giving up surfing?".. The answer depends on your feelings toward the sport. What is surfing to you? A hobby. Or a lifestyle?

    Figure out the answer to that, and you'll have the answer you were looking for.

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    Married a girl 36 years ago instead of moving to Hawaii, still and always have lived less then two miles from the beach. Lots of surf trips no regrets. Surfs Up!

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    Quote Originally Posted by gallerysurfboards View Post
    If you need to ask on an internet forum then, no. If she was worth it you wouldn't be questioning your decision.
    A wise man once told me to date many women, cause you don't know what your really going to like utill you check it out.

    Don't move.

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    Quote Originally Posted by patgeds22 View Post
    Life's big decisions, not talking about the midwest but maybe 5-6 hours inland what would you do?
    No. You'll regret it.

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    no i wouldn't. i'm set where i'm living now in jersey. it took me years to be able to afford the luxury or getting a house in a beach town, and starting my own business. this is pretty much it for me. if i ever got anywhere near enough money i would buy a condo on oahu or something. other than that this is where i'm staying. already have someone i'm happy with, but hypothetically my answer is still no.

    i did almost move to jacksonville florida though to be with a girl. big difference though since that's on the coast, and apparently a very good area for surf in the atlantic.

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    Core Score... DOWN

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    Quote Originally Posted by patgeds22 View Post
    Well I'm young, have never loved anything as much as the ocean, but don't want to lose something that might not come again...

    I know right now you think she is the only one in the world, but trust me man, you are going to encounter many, many more throughout your life. You will, and I dont care what you say, you will. DO NOT leave the beach man, dont do it. I dont care how fine she is. Let her come to you. You will spend the rest of your life regretting it if you leave for this one.