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    Quote Originally Posted by Turrtle View Post
    Surf wax doesn't float smart guy...and weight is weight. U have a log i take it? Yeah nothing matters with those. Let me clarify I don't strip the boards all the but when u have this many boards it seems that way.
    pretty sure that was sarcasm by lbcrew. weight is only "weight" if it weighs more than the water it displaces. otherwise it'll make the board float better. I think I'm gonna start waxing the bottom of my boards for some extra paddling power

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    Yeah I've been waxing my leashes, fins, and wetsuits

    Now show your quiver

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    Quote Originally Posted by LBCrew View Post
    don't you know wax floats? It gives your board better buoyancy!
    When I drop wax in the water it sinks...???

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    Quote Originally Posted by souljahsky View Post
    When I drop wax in the water it sinks...???
    Your doing it wrong

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    Quote Originally Posted by DawnPatrolSUP View Post
    Your doing it wrong
    Just tried it in the sink, bathtub, and toilet. Sank every time. Bubble Yum, Fruit Stripe, as well as Mr. Chalmers.

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    Ok, no pics, but here's what I got. Maybe I'll get ambitious and post pics one day.
    -5'8" Kechele twin fin electro retro fish. I need to learn how to properly ride a twinnie. Still challenging for me. I think I need to just ride it in all conditions and see what happens.
    -6'0" Firewire Dominator (Fav board for just about anything). Yeah, it's made in Thailand but who cares, it's a great board and indestructable.
    -6'0" Roberts White Diamond (great board for almost any conditions, a little too big for me, bought it gently used)
    -6'4" Ricky Carrol Rocket Fish for the good stuff
    -6'8" WRV Round tail gun-like board, lots of foam. Rarely use it.
    -9'4" log
    I'm getting old. I need a bit more foam as I age. I'll never own another board less than 19" wide and 2-1/2 thick...LOL.

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    alright, since i am apparently never going to gather all my boards in one place, i'm just going to list them for the time being & if i ever get my **** together & do a group photoshoot, i'll just quote this post for reference purposes.

    shortest to longest:
    5'8" bing puck (fcs quad)
    5'10 ci wizard sleeve (fcs 5 fin)
    6'0" wynn bonzer egg
    6'0" ci neckbeard (fcs 5 fin)
    6'3" wynn hpsb roundtail (fcs 5 fin) (i recently cleaned this one off & retired it to the back of the rack to try to save it a little bit, as it's slotted to be my honeymoon board next summer...not sure how that's going to work...i love this thing)
    6'4" roberts blackthumb (futures tri)
    6'8" ci fort knox step up
    9'6" wynn si si slider (single)
    14" bark prone paddleboard

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    just got a new board today so i felt obligated to share. i will post pics later when my little brother brings his camera home.
    Shortest to longest:
    5'10 (i think? he didnt write the dimensions down) Bettis Round Nose Fish Quad. got it for free b/c i won a contest on facebook haha!! custom artwork done by my brother. definitely my go to board for anything under 4ft.

    6'0 ...Lost rocket w/ 5 fin setup. perfect for those chest to head high days. not really a groveler like its advertised but its still a really great board. Really like it in the thruster and quad setups

    6'2 WRV Chronic. just got it today and stoked on it. thruster and Parabolic shape with 3 stringers and thumb tail. apperntly Yinger made it himself and hand delivered it to WRV here in VB. Prototype board the guys at the shop were telling me. Had it for $400 bucks brand new so i traded in my shortboard that didnt float me anymore for $150 so i technically only paid $250 for it!!! i cant wait to take it out on some head high+ days or to travel with it.

    7'4 Friarson funboard with glassed on fins. my first board ever. learned the ropes on this thing. i still love to take it out occasionally when its small and just screw around on it and go switch. ill never get rid of this board. old lucy was seriously my best friend my first couple years of surfing. got me through some rough times due to family/personnel stuff. like i said pics will come later. love these quiver shots. got my daily fix of surf porn for the day. thanks boys!!

    image (1).jpgimage.jpg
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    lets see...
    6'1'' wrv "flashback fish" shaped by Mike Daniels. my go-to and favorite board for average surf
    6'3'' sharp eye sb10 shaped by Marcio Zouvi. used in "better" surf
    6'8'' wingtail quad shaped by Bill Frierson. smaller day board.
    7'10'' funboard shaped by Tim Nolte. I bought this for my wife, but I ride it just as often as she does.
    There is also a 7' nolte in most of those pics, its an epoxy, I call it my clunker and i let friends ride it.
    A few of my friends boards made it into a few of the pics as well, on of which is a custom that we call the "concord grape jelly jammer" because of the purple coloring on the deck. dispite the fun name it is still most definetly a clunker as well... must be why he leaves it at my house so often.

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    Short - tall. 5' rooster shack mini simmons, 5' 10 HIC shell shapes fish, 6' Rusty piranha tuflite, 6' 2 JS Fatfish 2 squash tail and then my 9' pride longboard for those uber flat days lol