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    Quote Originally Posted by StuckontheGulf View Post
    God how I wish you kids grew up in a time before the internet. If we wanted to surf, we called Shags on Indianlantic and got a live report. If it was 2-4 or bigger, we went east. After a 3 hour drive, you got there and it was dead flat or 4-6 ft. You never knew if it was getting bigger or smaller. Man up and quit whining. Your lucky to live in a time when you can pull up a forecast on your phone. I for one want to thank you swellinfo for your work. I appreciate it more than you know. Like my dad used to say, "What do you want for nothing, your money back?"
    the best surf report you could get back then was the guy in the oncoming car with boards on top: stick your arm out the window and give him a thumbs up/thumbs down signal and see what he comes back with...

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    Haha, I remember doing that for years, especially on the 2 lane 192. Then if you saw too many cars with boards heading back you got that sinking feeling that the swell was gone. The anticipation of pulling up to Indianlantic boardwalk was nerve wracking to say the least but when it was good you felt freaking stoked off your rocker.

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    SW swells are good in some areas where I am.

    Of course it turned out to be a sw swell here and not the south swell that was forecasted as usual. lol

    That being said, this swell was weak, confused, and very disorganized. It felt like it was a 5 second period swell. I think maybe something was mixing in with it. Not a very good swell even if you got on it when the winds were good.

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    Yeah it was pretty funky today

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    A few fun ones out there today hopefully a bit cleaner early AM

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    God I hated that thumbs up, thumbs down thing, lol. If I was going I was going and didn't need some slob going in the opposite direction harshing my vibe. You could never tell if they were a good surfer that felt waist high perfection was below them or a total kook that was leaving because it was chest high plus and he was scared. I would purposely look the other way when a board came by.
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  7. there is swell... but its a windy mess.... I feel bad for all of you that are able to paddle out and dont have to be at work for 15 hours tomorrow (and today) working massachusetts tax free holiday. Bummer dudes

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    Quote Originally Posted by ECsponger View Post
    Shut up dude HERE WE GO AGAIN with another useless post
    Exactly, I much prefer the extremely useful threads, like what music do you like, or should I buy the new Rusty or Merrick.