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    Depends on the mood, weather and swell.

    Slayer - Reign in Blood
    Metallica - And Justice for All
    Nas - Illmatic
    Ben Harper - Live From Mars
    Deftones- White Pony
    Tool - Any album
    Perfect Circle - Mer de Noms
    Pearl Jam - TEN
    Social D

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    bob dylan. crosby,stills, &nash..neil young

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    Wow this thread is still alive! I can add more now, music from Four Year Strong and The Story so Far get me pumped also.

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    Throw on some Tito & Tarantula:
    "Angry Cockroaches" and
    "Motorcycle Girl"

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    Quote Originally Posted by trevolution View Post
    have you guys ever heard of MR Bungle? There like primus with trumpets and horns and thrash metal, and polka, and ska, and gypsie and jam band all in one. They change there style ever cd. There first 3 eps are the best and on youtube.
    yeah, that's the guy from Faith No More. I saw him with another one of his side projects open up for Tool. Really Strange. Primus kicks ass in concert. Saw them a couple years ago when the old drummer rejoined the band.

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    Whatever my baby girl was watching on the Sprout channel. Usually SuperWhy. "P is for Pig"!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by trevolution View Post
    slayer is fire
    Scariest show I ever saw... back in the '80's when I thought I might be a bad ass... Nothing happened but they and the audience looked possessed... Could a been the drugs though...

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    primus sucks

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    Quote Originally Posted by trevolution View Post
    primus sucks
    TurdVolution, I bet you get pumped listening to the Benny Hill Theme music!!!!


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    roflbot (4).jpg

    at least mines actually of you in all your kooky glory!

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