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    4 Boards for sale...

    I have 3 used and 1 brand new boards for sale. These have all been used in the local surf and proven to be excellent boards. The first one is Green and white, 7'6 Turning Point funboard...has that short board feel with awesome stabilization. Quick turns, low entry rocker, hella fun board and it is Brand new with fins $395. The other funboard is also 7'6 22, 2.75, white and $400. (Sold)

    Second board is a 6'4 fish Red and white. tip has had the paint rubbed off sliding in and out of the board bag. Excellent board for local surf being 6'4, 22, 2 5/8. Quad fins in Future make this board super quick down the line and the rail to rail is sick. ($350 obo).

    Third board is almost new 6'6 red and white egg shape fun board named "Cinnamon". thruster set up, flat bottom make this board a true favorite of mine. I am still thinking I may keep this one but will part with it for $375 firm (sold). I have the same board also in a 6'10 for slightly more money(sold).

    PM for info

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    These are all located in Wilmington NC.

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    Bumping it up

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    but the prices... they are... too damn high!

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    Cheaper than any board shop and boards are either brand new or less than 2 months old. It's all good...

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    I owned one of those degree 33 7'6" funshapes in the NextGen poly. Wasn't a capable enough surfer to get it riding in Jersey chop.

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    degree 33 boards are cheap boards....i believe from 350-475 new and are not hand shaped. if i am correct, a used one should go for around 150-200 at best

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    luc & holly stokes...long time purveyors of the "hand made" chinese surfboard since 2005 (at least).

    these guys made the physix kid look legit.

    wes, your boards are over-priced & maybe worth half of what you're asking.

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    I hate to say it my friend, but your asking prices seem to be about at least 30-50% too high. At least that. Surfboards are like cars, except for certain models (and even then) as soon as you become the first owner, their value takes a huge hit in depreciation. There are exceptions. Coils seem to hold value due to their rarity and toughness as do Fletch's FCDs. Both are regional brands and seem to command higher prices where people know them. Either are rarities on Craig's. Hynson's and Frye's seem to be appreciating as soon as you walk one out the door these days out here, but those guys are master shapers. Frye might be the Stradivarius of his generation, and consider whom his contemporaries are and were. My point here is, you're kind of asking high retail or consignment price for what are essentially used, mass-manufactured, boards at the tail end of the summer, when demand begins to slacken off and you're not a shop. Anyway; good luck, but if you need the money any time soon, you might consider taking 15% off your initial prices and accepting something between 20-30% less. You might be lucky enough to get it. Just for a little perspective and so you know I'm tryin' not to be my normal douche nozzle self, 350$ is where negotiations for a hand shaped Larry Mabile:
    Or a brand new custom start at: - I have no idea who this guy is, but 3rd World Boards are sick, people talk Hynson, Mandala and Mabile up a lot these days out here. Just examples.

    Hell, I might be wrong about all that, 'course I've given up counting how many boards I've bought and sold over the years.

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    Great reading and glad people chimed in. One of the boards have never been in the water and so it is set at web price and save the buyer shipping charges. One board has a ding the others have only been ridden 5 or 6 times and so are discounted off the web price. All are negotiable.

    You are right. I am not a board shop so I can save people money off the local shop prices. Local shapers charge $700 for the same boards, shops charge $150 or more above what I have for the same used boards so I am in line price wise. I dont sell these because I need money. I sell them to share the stoke of surfing and save people some money. No worries.

    Like I said, Good boards great price. If you are in the area...get ahold of me and try the boards out first. Then tell me they are not worthy. Peace.