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    Quote Originally Posted by shoobie doobie doc View Post
    dope board
    Thanks brother,Dope name as well

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    Quote Originally Posted by GoodVibes View Post
    When Tom designed it he combined the Lopez bolt and an egg shape.I guess you can call it a lightning egg.Yea its pretty fast down the line.Board has a nice solid ride to it.
    yeah thats been the new trend with making new boards the last few years. you take 2 different designs and blend them together. example, say you take the "outline" of 1 board and then maybe the "rocker" of another. seems to be the new trend and seems kinda fun. i think it helps you understand how a board will ride or feel a whole lot better even before you ride it. and yeah they come up with some funs names too like the one you came up with. "the lighning egg". thats exactly how they will sometimes name a board.
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