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    Gonna be in Anaheim next week

    i am going to be in anaheim starting this sunday through the week. most of my available times to surf will be after 4 pm. i have been surfing east coast south carolina swell for about 6 years and surf about 3 -4 times a week. i am a longboarder.

    this will be my first time in cali and i want to get in some good surf time. any suggestions for renting a board along with surf areas?

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    Huntington Beach - can take a bus there and there's shops that rent literally all along the coastline.

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    yea there is a place called Zacks right on the beach in Huntington Beach, Im not sure about the hours but just call ahead. I think they rent boards by the week maybe so just rent one for a couple days instead of going down each day. Its better to have the board then you can go check newport or further south depending on the swell. Good luck.

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    San Onofre has some of the best longboard waves around -- about 45-50 minutes from Anaheim.