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    I got a Timex for $12 last year wal mart on line.

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    Won this one in a surf contest last year. Easy to read quickly.

    Get a band like this, you will never lose it.

    Then get a thermometer and you have it all covered!

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    i have a nixon lowdown for about 2 years now. it was about 75. tides for over 200 spots in the world and waterproof up to 100m if you get the fully waterproof one. return policy is great too. got a brand new watch for free when i sent it back because the plastic cracked when someone ran me over one time

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    these things rock:

    99 cents each, free shipping , waterproof, even have that negative ion thingy built in for better balance (if you believe in that sort of thing). i don't wear a watch anymore, but need something for time-sensitive surf sessions (like dawn patrol before work). i keep 3 or 4 around and use them as needed. i figure if they fail, it's only a buck but i have not had one fail yet.

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    my girlfriend hooked me up with a Nixon Lowdown in august for my birthday. the tides arent exact but it tells the time and its water proof. id recommend this watch to anyone

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