Hey guys, I have three pieces of gear up for sale. I'm located in Virginia Beach. Phone number is 757 717 4320. Email is amghobrial@email.wm.edu<br />-All prices can be negotiated<br /><br /><br />1) Quiksilver Syncro Vest. Size large. 1.5 mil. I bought this 3 weeks ago from Costal Edge and wore it in Panama 4 times. Just too big for me. It would fit someone better who weighs around 170lbs. $30<br /><br />2) WRV Nugget. 5'7\" x 19 1/4\" x 2 5/16\" <br />Shaped by Jesse Fernandez. Can be ridden as a thruster or quad setup. Includes three FCS M3 fins and 2 FCS M5 fins. Crack near the stringer that has been professionally repaired. Rides great in the knee to stomach mush. $150<br /><br />3) Santa Cruz Matt Archbold Tuflite Thruster. 5'11\" x 2.18\" x 18.25\". Includes Future F 450s. Rides great in stomach to overhead waves as long as the wind isn't blowing too hard. $225<br /><br />Photo 2.jpgPhoto 3.jpgPhoto 4.jpgPhoto 5.jpgPhoto 6.jpg