I'm moving back to Cali; I've had many great years in RI but it's time to leave the wave starved region and Join the zoo in San Diego. I'm gonna miss the solo winter seshions and heavy water beat downs and that wasn't sarcasm a sick part of me realy enjoys ice cream headaches and bruises from cold water lips, but it's a trade off.

My question for you guys is, does anybody know any good car shipping companies. We both drive a prius (I know I know; I got tired of fixing my 88 s-10 and spendin all that gas money) but were only driving one across country and were gonna ship the other one. Being that surfers tend to move a lot I figured some one out there would know some cheap but good companies or cousins, friends, etc.. the lowest quote I got was 999 if anybody can beat that, that would be awesome.

Thanks and may the next peak come right to you and be all to yourself.