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Have you ever killed and eaten an animal other than a fish? I don't know if it's as black and white as you make it out to be. where do you draw the line? do you eat mosquitoes that you kill? flies? are those animals too small? would you eat a brown bear that you killed in defense of life or property (your children's out on the trampoline in the backyard or your chickens' in the coop)? would you eat a wolf that you killed to defend your dogs? interesting discussion. too bad it always gets personal.
All this talk of food.

Bear, yes, personally I love bear. Black bears were so prevalent when I was a teen in PA that hunting them was quite common place, never had brown, I imagine it tastes the same depending on what it was eating. Course, at my folks' place in the Poconos, I have literally taken a wild turkey with a 12 from the back deck. It's a pretty big spread. Mt. Pocono Jr. High made you go out and pull bear molars and take paw castings every fall in science class back in the day, wonder if they still make the kids do that? The bears eat so many blue berries in the bogs and black berries that it dyes their intestines a dark purple. Tastes so good. F.I.L. got a black last fall in OR using a .54 black powder single shot at 20-25 yards. Went through the last of that fella round March. Dog is greasy and not too tasty. Tasted it once in the P.I. Not my cup of tea. Would be game to try wolf. Kind of think it would taste like dog though except leaner and kind of more funky since they eat carrion. Eat anything once. You know what tastes really good and is kind of out there, fruit bat. There's a reason why those critters are endangered or extinct on certain islands. Tried that in Bali back in the early 90's, oh man, right up there with giant clam, raw gulf oysters, rabbit (prefer rabbits I raised to wild) and coconut crab. Anyway, ethical hunters hunt game when it's in season, don't harvest more than they need and do their best to ensure that the animal is killed and then treated afterwards in the most humanely and respectful manner. Shooting critters is fun, but doing it for fun, that's different and wrong.

So hungry