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    typical benny expereince this weekend. behind a benny going 25 in a 40. traffic is being held up. benny slows to 15 looks to be making a turn (no blinker), does not turn. resume 25 mph in the 40 mph zone. stop at red light behind benny, benny is sort of in the right lane, as if making a right on red (no blinker). traffic is waiting behind benny to make a right on red. benny does not turn. green light. benny slowly creeps back towards the center of the lane. benny throws some sort of garbage out of the window. benny now going 23 mph. quarter mile later benny makes unexpected hard turn (no blinker) into a driveway.

    to all who can relate, it seems so elemenatary to obey the mose basic of traffic/driving laws. but for our friends up north in their expensive cars, this is clearly no the case. my father always told me they should make people who buy real estate from out of state take and pass and NJ driving test. great idea..

    i wont even begin to talk about surfing etiquette..no way. and if you have to ask if yuor a benny..the answer is yes. enjoy local summer!
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    Quote Originally Posted by walkingonh2o View Post
    To change the subject a bit- did anyone else notice this summer being more crowded then others???
    It did seem more crowded this summer, I think it was because of less surf I found myself not waking up as early or surfing after the lifegaurds left as much as other years. So I spent more time hanging out with the masses during the busy hours of the day.

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    Hey f@gs, stop arguing and listen,

    I'm not even complaining about the surfers. I have no beef with surfers. If your dropping in I have a beef, and I'll tell you. I posted that after seeing someone blow a red light for a SECOND time this summer when our light was green. thankfully we (wife/kids) were nowhere near the intersection. But 2 seconds more, and my daughter and I would have been hit coming back from the beach, while riding our bikes. AND the two a$$faces that did it were old farts, like real old farts. So you guys are in the clear.

    I know I should have clarified a bit more, but sometimes its too easy to generalize and generate humor.