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    Easiest paddle out in jersey

    Anyone willing to share the location of a channel or something that gives a somewhat easy paddle out?

  2. what makes a channel? ..........A jetty? A pier? An erosion groin? Google maps is your friend

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    long period swell should be a pretty easy paddle out everywhere, no?

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    Channel 7 on your television.

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    paddle, paddle, paddle! Harder the paddle out...lesser the crowd.

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    no such thing as a hard paddle out in NJ

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    There will probably be a lot of water moving around. Find a a good rip to get you moving out to the lineup. There is usually a good rip next to the jetties, on S to SE swell paddle on the North side of the jetty and opposite for NE swells. This is for NJ. Just watch the current so you don't get pulled into the jetty and be careful not to get caught inside by a cleanup set and pushed back into it. If you don't feel comfortable that close to a jetty then just find another rip.
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    excellente. i'm from rhode island we just jump off **** into the break

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    Central Pier (Tennessee Ave) in AC was always a super-easy wave to get at...a short walk along a skeevy drainage pipe got you halfway out....time the sets right and and you're out in a couple of paddles.

    however, old friends up there tell me AC just underwent some kind of massive beach restoration and nothing is breaking right, so i have no idea if that's still the case.

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    swim lessons

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