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    you ride 6.6 rusty customs?!?!?!
    holy sh*t dude where can I buy your posters? I want one. If I mail it to you will you autograph it for me? I'm gonna auction it off for charity on ebay. It's for the kids

    ps will you send me your copy of p90x? or at least tix to that gun show

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    i bet you wear your leash on your front foot don't you

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    you should move your track pad up a little further there guy!

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    nah man, it evenly distibutes his body weight when he's in those deep ugly tubes brah.

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    Apparently danger deep pretty ugly is him talking grommet to describe some his favorite "surfboarding" spots.


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    You guys are so harsh but he asked for it with that pic

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    This forum isn't so user friendly Ive seen many post tear downs but hey it does have great forecast models

    All take care God bless

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    Quote Originally Posted by jbobby View Post
    I took tomorrow off of work to take advantage of this swell, but don't know whether to head to VA Beach or Ocean City, MD. I am not familiar with either, but live in DC so im cool riding out to either one. Any suggestions? Where is a good place to paddle out?
    I'm curious to know where you ended up going. I'm only ~1 hour from OC and was watching the cams all yesterday (Wed) being tortured. As soon as I could hit the road I did and man was it worth it. 6PM til dark was off the hook. Consistent 4-5 footers w/ an occasional 6-7. I had planned to take today off as well but the conditions this AM were washed out. Gonna try a DP tomorrow though!

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    I hope you went to Vah Beach, brah

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    Quote Originally Posted by sling View Post
    This forum isn't so user friendly Ive seen many post tear downs but hey it does have great forecast models

    All take care God bless

    the forum is very user friendly. It's quite simple really. Actually i'm sure you will catch on quite fast though. You seem like an intelligent person (and I'm sure you are). It was you're "I'm taking the highroad" approach that gave it away. But it's ok because I sir don't give a horses taint what you say. This is an internet forum ( it's pretty user friendly) and it is just plain fun to take shots at people. My friends and family do it to me and I haven't blown my head off with a shotgun. It's just a forum. So unbunch your panties, you know, the ones your creepy uncle herman gave to you and chill the eff out. And sir by all means please put some ointment on your peginis the doctor gave you. Have a wonderful night sir

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