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    nerds ....

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    glad the ladies could talk it out

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    Was it these guys? Not that the surf this week has required a ski, but if it is the same group, they definately have a good idea of what they are doing, and if it is this group, they are not doing it just to be "cool", as from what I can see and read in the comments, these were the only guys out this day.
    Actually a really good video of mid winter OH to DOH jersey tow in surfing. these guys got some balls too, riding barrels they know are going to be unmakable.

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    Folks were towing at various spots on OBX too. Cameras weren't too far behind.

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    I must say, the guys in the video sure can surf and are not bothering anyone.. I was once anoyed by 4 or 5 jet skis jumping waves in a crowded lineup at the Ocean City Inlet but this was not that.

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    Even with the ski, great video. Bringing a ski into a crowded lineup is ridiculous but in a scenario as that there's no harm. Those guys had balls. That break was brutal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cepriano View Post
    watch surf nrg vol2(not sure) but cj,matt kechele,baron knowlton tow reef road and its the size of teaupoo,yes on the eastcoast.dont cry about ppl towin in,they do that so they can pick off the best waves.just watch the wild lyfe series
    Did you just compare FL to Tahiti?! My suggestion would be to travel a bit more!

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    Towats/stepoffs are harder than they appear. Maybe they were preparing for

    Not defending them but it's all about having fun and surfing, just saying...