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If they were surfers, wouldn't they know something about the surfboards they were selling. Had pretty much the same experience as yankee at the shop in Kitty Hawk a couple years ago...save it please, pumpmaster...I can almost guarantee that you've never even been there. And I'm calling bull**** on your surfer theory, I'm a damn good worker.

Well, good for you but your reading comprehension skills are lacking:

we are talking about surfers here....The guy was probably pissed off that he was stuck in the shop while it was firing. not to say his attitude was right but I can understand it and have seen it a billion times over the years. some shops are like that (to be fair, i have no clue how WRV operates). They serve locals and do ok with that. If they don't know you, then they tend to be standoffish. If that is the way this shop works then go somewhere else.