I hate to have to trash a local company but after my experience with Hypeflex I have no choice. I had read good reviews on the company and liked that they were from NJ so i decided to buy some of their stuff (over the past year i have a 3/2 fullsuit, polypro rash guard, and some booties and gloves). At the end of the season two years ago I bought a new 2011 AMP 5/4/3 wetsuit and was initially happy with the product. I wore it once or twice and then the water warmed up and I put it away for the season. However, after about 5 sessions of use this past winter I went to put the suit on and noticed the zipper had come off and three teeth were broken. I was able to fight it and get the zipper back on to get me through the session. When I got home I emailed the company to tell them what happened and ask if I could ship it back to have the zipper repaired. After ignoring my initial email, I followed up and finally got a response telling me they did not have zippers in stock and that I should try to get someone else to fix it. Needless to say I couldn't find anyone that had a zipper that would work or a machine that would go through the suit. I called Hyperflex back and they again told me I was **** out of luck and there was nothing they would do. So basically I bought a brand new suit that is now totally useless. And the companies response was too bad. My 3/2 is now beginning to fall apart as well (taped seams coming undone, draw strings starting to tear). Bottom line is you get what you pay for. This company sells low priced products because they use low quality materials. I had a friend ship his excel suit back for a similar issue and they replaced it with a new suit (it took forever to get it back tho) and they are a much bigger company that probably doesn't need his business as bad. Do yourself a favor and pay the extra bucks for a different brand suit. I saved 100 bucks on the initial purchase but now I have to buy another suit so it is going to cost me more than double. They make **** products and worst of all DO NOT stand behind them. DO NOT BUY FROM THEM