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    where's matt johnson when you need him?

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    I have a hyperflex 3/2 and a 2/2 short sleeve. The suits aren't top notch quality, but that should be expected.

    My 3/2was giving me a rash on my back shoulder blade on the spot where 3 seams came together(yes, the suit was sized properly.).. I emailed hyperflex, and within a week had a new suit come in. My 2/2 after almost 2 years had one of the seams taping on the leg start coming off, sent it out, got the suit back in 4 days turn around from initial ship date.. I smell BS that you are saying they offered zero help for you.

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    If the OP wanted to generate some discussion of Hyperflex suits he did a good job. Remember any publicity is better than no publicity

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    Quote Originally Posted by cresto4 View Post
    where's matt johnson when you need him?
    What ever happened to that guy?

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    I've been wearing Hyperflex the last 7 years for the price you can't beat it. If you want to pay $500 + for an Oneil by all means go ahead but Hyperflex NJ keeps me warm in the winter for 1/2 the price.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Koki Barrels View Post
    I've always bought O'Neill suits and have been more than happy with them. My old 4/3 ripped at the seams, but I take full responsibility, seeing as how i didn't properly rinse it after every session, but it still lasted me 3-4 years. One thing I've learned through experience, spending a little more for a better product is always a win-win. I have no experience with hyperflex suits, so I'm not really sure why i
    I just posted 'cause I didn't want the original poster to think that what he or she was saying wasn't a good post. I didn't see anything wrong with it, whether it was a first post or billionth. I'm an opinionated mutherfocker though. Wetsuits don't last forever, neither do boards, good swells, your favorite dog, a bottle of Maker's Mark or a bag of the diggitty. A real good woman'll prolly out last ya though. Actuarial tables don't lie with a large enough sample population. Good car'll outlast you and the woman if you take care of it. My only advice about wetsuits is, buy 'em off season. You can get some great deals at the beginning of spring or right at the end of summer. End of spring most shops are trying to make room for summer inventory. End of summer, they have the new winter suits coming in, so they clear out last year's inventory. I usually pick up my suits at about 50-75% off retail. I'm not too picky since O'neill moved manufacturing from the US to Thailand (d!ck heads' O'neill not the Thais) I really don't care what brand they are, just as long as they hold together and keep my nuts from freezing. I saw some pretty nice Matuses for about 380$ down at Mitch's 3 weeks ago when I was picking' up some resin. Hard to beat, but a little too rich for my blood, plus I picked up a quicksilver infuse(?) last spring at Hansen's big sale for a $buck 90. Timings is everythin'.
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    I had exactly the opposite experience with hyperflex. First the leg on my 5/4/3 got torn near the ankle, sent it back to them fully expecting a repair, they sent me a new suit, the updated model. Then the pull cord near the neck on my 4/3 got pulled loose and they repaired that, very nicely. As for their boots and gloves I was always told to stay away from them. But for a lower price suit they're very good.

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    yeah i have a 5/4/3 that i got for about $200. can't complain at all, but also have their lobster claw gloves and they are really stiff and do leak

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    I've got an amp 6/5/4 tgats probably going into its 5th complaints. Its about at the end of its life, but since i dont take care o my suits, it doesnt owe me a thing. I love rip curl suits, but for the price difference i think the hyperflex was a better buy.

    Have a 3/2 as well. Probably 3 years old and its doing fine.

    Have a pair of their booties, and those suck. Fit poorly and leak. Used a few times and then decided to just keep them in the trunk as a spare pair. Never tried their gloves because excel gloves are magic for me, and indestructable.

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    hyperflex really don't hold up well at seams every suit I bought from them (4:3/2, 4/3, 2 5/4/3's) all lasted a year maybe before it had holes in 3 places. Xcel makes the best suits imo fit like a glove and last. You can get them cheap enough if you know where to look. I got a 5/4 drylock for 250$ and a x flex 4/3 for 120$ both new last year