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So after years of me talking about the possibility on this site of relocating from San Diego to Hilton Head. Well I just got a nice job offer in the area, and my wife has family there, so I will be there in 2 weeks.

Looking forward to getting there while there is a little bit of hurricane season left. Bringing the full quiver but my family there says I may need to invest in a SuP and a kite board.

Anyway, if there is ever a ripple in the water I will be trying to go out. Looking forward to becoming a part of what I hear is a tight knit surf community in SC.

And yes charleston, I will see u are folly very often as well!
probably worth your time to check out the latest TSJ - there's an article on SC's lesser known breaks and what it takes to find them. i saw a post by the author elsewhere - it looks interesting and made me wonder when my copy will arrive in the mail.