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    Quote Originally Posted by nokooks View Post
    I count 35, go to loch arbour with up to 75 of your closest friends..
    and thats an empty day.

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    beach replenishment sucks! mantoloking is uncrowded and good, but rich dudes i think did some replenishment, would've been so fun if it didn't smack you on a ledge of sand 2 feet deep. I still have some secret spots newbies don't know about though. Nonetheless it's awesome getting all these swells after a dead summer

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    Yeah 1st gets way crowded but when it really decent you can see mad people streched down to the pier. Especially when the drift goes north.

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    I must have a TV strapped on my back playing p0rn with the way people were sitting behind me today

  5. dude dont surf there go somewhere else its that simple put some effort into finding your own spot. I dont know about you but id rather surf empty closeouts over a super crowded break any day. At least your not fighting for waves and stressing the entire time. Ive put in my time searching for a good less known breaks and its paid off ive had sick waves to myself while the other places around werent as good and were ridiculously overcrowded. These places still exist dont be part of the heard and all flock to the same spot.

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    F6ck it u bunch of posers, just go out in the middle of the crowd invading your spot and ride the waves. Life is what you make it, tomorrow am should be rocking! I'm surfing Deal at 7 and will get my waves, the rest of it I try not to worry about.
    “It’s like the mafia. Once you’re in – your in. There’s no getting out”
    Kelly Slater

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    Lived in Jersey for 30+ years and grew up surfing spots from the hook to LBI, Manasquan has always been crowded. Now I live in OBX, 120mi of beach, some spots draw crowds but there is always somewhere it's not.
    Heck somedays I look for people to surf with.

    If you see P.Rhino in the water tell him Jerry in NC said hey!

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    I dont think your break is very crowded...

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    Who is benny and where is kook?

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    Quote Originally Posted by S-T-R-E-T-C-H View Post
    Who is benny and where is kook?
    Benny is the guy runs Beni-hana's. He's passed now, but he was the head kook there.

    What I want to know is, with so many kooks around, why can't I get a decent Gumbo or Crawfish Étouffée in this town, ain't nun ya from Louisiana? Lawd, dun nobody kook wit lard in California, how else do you make a proper roux?

    Also, never trust a skinny kook, unless they just have a mean metabolism.

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