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    Dude thats nothing compared to Ponce Inlet on a decent day..

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    If it makes you feel any better ( I know it doesn't cause I share in your frustration about the overcrowding of the few breaks that are left) my son and I who lives in LA surfed Mailbu on Labor Day Monday.
    It was incredible to say the least. Head high and better and everyone who had ever owned a board or borrowed one was there.

    In Delaware it has gotten particularly discouraging with shifting bottoms and crowds.

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    That's nothing compared to a certain jetty in monmouth county. I counted 60 people in the water at sunrise the last time it was 3 foot and glassy forecast

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    Thank god I don't live in jersey an area with a ton of people. I imagine if the beaches are working there are a Tom of options though. Scored today!

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    Manasquan gets so crowded cause its closest to nyc (aside from Long Island) so when there is a swell, the new yorkers and other inlanders will come flocking.

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    Just enjoy good economy decent wages n down home cookin. All we got down here is waves. And bbq means it was cooked on a grill

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    Yeah Maine is so packed now too. Its so cold as well. if I were from away I would never come here to surf anymore.Its done man this state is a goner.I would stay surfing in Mass and points south. Nice seeing you all and I wish you a better surfing trip south of here next year.

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    heres an idea of how to fix this. DELETE THIS WEBSITE please god. -dan kennedy
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    listen i have used this webpage, surf line and others for a number of years. we are at a breaking point here with the crowds. do us all a favor. delete this site. you are really talented at what you do. but you are making it too easy for people. is nothing sacred anymore? i and I'm sure many of you surfed before all these websites. and some of those days were some of the best i can remember. if you don't have the knowledge to predict where the waves are ganna be, maybe you don't deserve to surf. i know you make money off advertisements and all. i understand people got to making a living. but realize the damage you are doing here. same goes for magic seaweed, surf line, surfer's view, etc. isn't it hard to sleep at night knowing you ruined breaks all along the coast in nj so a bunch of lazy inlanders could get some more time in the water?

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