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Whiny little beeches shaking their tiny fists in the air.

I don't know about you all, but I go surfing so I can catch waves--and lots of them. I'm sorry that you don't have the paddling skill, or the level of fitness, or the "right" board, or you're actually scared to be out in the water and just making up little girl excuses, or a combination thereof..... It's really not my problem. If I'm at a break surrounded by a bunch of flounders and clown fish, I'm not going to be letting many, if any, set waves I am in position for to go by and watch the impact zone essentially get littered with kook confetti that I'm going to have to navigate around.... especially in light of this self-entitled mentality that people deserve to have waves given to them. Basic etiquette is: Don't cut people off, don't paddle around people, don't sit on top of someone and don't get in the freaking way of someone riding a wave. Beyond that, you're on your own!

BTW, I pretty much only ride short boards. If you think I'm being a "wave-hog" by sitting "outside" and catching the wave before you even start paddling for it, think again and get your weak @$$ to a pool!

NOYA!!!!! Enough said.