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    There was no catching these waves out past where I was sitting. I was also the only one taking these waves clear across the beach.
    What does how far you go have anything to do with it?? You always go farther with a longboard regardless of the conditions. And a SUP can always catch waves further out then a longboard. I've seen guys ride waves with SUPs all the way out, and finish their rides before the wave even breaks. Or even if a sup couldn't a wavejet could. Or what if it was just a longboarder with a much stronger paddle then you. It's besides the point what equipment they are using. The point is if someone was doing the same to you because they could catch them further out would that be ok?

    By the way, if you think that you are better then these guys on their shortboards "blowing it" then think again. They are the ones trying to progress. Guys like you have a good time at the expense of others, and in spite of progression. You ride a 3 foot wave on a longboard and hardly exert yourself throughout the entire session. You will never get better like this. Life is not always about having the most fun in the moment; Sometimes it is about longterm progression. "Happiness is neither virtue or pleasure, nor this thing or that, but simply growth. We are happy when we are growing.", William Butler Yeats... Learn to include the happiness of others in your decision making. Despite what you think, guys like you are a problem in this sport.
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