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    Stretch, you can lick my d ickdragging nutsack

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    Jul 2012
    Dudes put this thread to bed before mr. stretch eats his whole foot!

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    Honestly what got everybody mad? Does everybody only have dry humor now. Cld u seriously think somebody wld threaten a whole coast n be serious about it. I mean it is aggrivating to hear about evrybody disrespecting eachother all the time so i just figured id hype yall up a bit. N it clearly worked. But im not the type of surfer who will even look aroud at whos in the water too much i just follow ettuquite n dont drop in on people. Cuz here in the shallows if u put somebody in the wrong spot they cld die. Nobody WANTS to die for sport. Yall just chill n burn one down n get stoked cuz i have faith that well get swell while im there.

    So my **** is little n im from idaho n im bipolar n a surf jihadist. But before everything im a person that cares about the surf community being a community n not a ghetto. I just wld like for people to stop tearing others down just to feel cool or get a wave. Nobody owns a wave it was given to you. So dont respect me but respect the ocean yemaya demands it shell show u

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    DUDE!!! What the Fu** is on your biscuit???
    You were just trying to be funny and stir up shi*, right? So, why are you surprised when you do? Either you were trying o get people to freak and you succeded... Or you are a total douche and were serios with your first thread.... Either way, let it go. You write douchey shi* so people are going to ***** at you. That's the response you say you wanted... Embrace it

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    Cant wait to drive people crazy w my next post. I mite start doing this once weekly to give swellinfo. A boxing ring if you will. Maybe if we get in here n take out all our anger happiness or whatever emotion comes that it will create a more peaceful swell scene. We will have worked it out of our systems if you will. ALL IN FAVOR SAY I

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    Stretch sucks.

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    ill punt onto your neck

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    All you clowns can't be serious! You can't make this stuff up.

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    jersey baby
    you are a dumb**** stretch - I seriously think you are retarded. I want to smack you even though you were joking...