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    Thanks guys, and lumpy I was just asking b/c I know the one day I checked it was backwashing and screwing with the wave I had a buddy that was smacked by a lip and broke his collar bone bc it was bumped up right as it was breaking bc of the backwash. I was out back in early may down there it was a great morning head high and clean. You are right tho this spring and summer has been awful hopefully some pick up this fall. Thanks apbb as well maybe Ill take a ride to those beaches too.

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    to avoid harsh comments and bad feedback, when asking about breaks, its always better to check for yourself or avoid disclosing a potentially good break on a public forum. Just some advice for the future. Hope you score some surf, somewhere thats breaking

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    yes, the waves were great in the Spring even until around June before I went on a vacation for a week. When i got back it was crap. And yeah Poverty really isnt a secret spot at all, especially when a Hurricane comes up the coast slowly. On some days its 3-4ft clean and I'm the only one there, then the waves get to 8-9ft and theres over 50 guys in the lineup.

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    I agree. Many people I feel know about poverty its a known break I feel if you live in south jersey. But yeah after may early june everything fell off but hopefully now things are picking up a little for the fall.