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    Quote Originally Posted by Swellinfo View Post
    I think having the quarter finals, semi finals, finals on mainstream TV is very legit.
    If the ASP wants to make strides, I think that should be the goal.

    The tricky part is that would be like 4-5 hours of air time, which is a ton of time to take up in comparison to a 3 hour baseball or football game.
    The other tricky part is that waves are unreliable, so slotting TV time would be challenging. This isn't a sport where rainouts occur like 1% of the time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zrich View Post
    The other tricky part is that waves are unreliable, so slotting TV time would be challenging. This isn't a sport where rainouts occur like 1% of the time.
    Very good point... Thats a huge factor.

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    Toward the end of the interview, Slater mentions how he lives by his principles, and speaks his mind.

    It reminded me of how much of a suck up I've become in my old age, and how the only way I could ever live that way is if I could reach such a high level of success in my life that I would have the freedom to literally say and do exactly, and only, what my moral compass tells me to say and do. I guess a lot of other people, especially young people, do live that way, but now that I've sort of become part of the big, mainstream, social machine, I find I have to live a compromised life.

    Success is very liberating in that way, I guess.

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    "Word of Surf Channel's pending launch has surfaced right as speculation over the restructuring of the Association of Surfing Professionals' media rights continues to heighten. The ASP's board convened in Huntington Beach during the US Open to discuss various matters. A new media deal was not struck, although sources suggest the ASP may reach a conclusion by September. Surf Channel has demonstrated an interest in re-airing contests and highlights.

    "The ASP has had casual discussions with Steve Bellamy and the Surf Channel for well over a year regarding possible partnerships in the future," ASP media director Dave Prodan told ESPN. "However, no formal discussions have been had nor official plans tabled." Prodan also noted that if a singular platform were to be activated, the ASP would consider all partners and proposals.

    Currently, contest sponsors and licensees dictate the distribution of related media, and Surf Channel has spoken to the major brands about taking footage of the events to television. Quiksilver confirmed they've spoken to Bellamy, but offered no details. An arrangement to broadcast live events, however, is not an immediate possibility. Said Bellamy: "If there was a way we could add value to that equation, we would do that in a heartbeat.""

    In a short amount of time, there will be a mainstream media outlet for all things surf...It will be interesting to see if contest sponsers and licencees will jump on board. This may be the advent of a shake-up in how the industry operates or could just send thousands of landlocked individuals to your local break.