Well Fitzy, I don't owe ya Jack, but you make it out to San Diego I might hook you up with a homebrew. If I haven't drank it all. That's the problem with brewing your own beer. You always need to brew more beer. It's a vicious cycle. I need to start keggin'.

Acorrdin' to Jack Collins, SwellInfo owes us all money for these posts and our opinions. I have yet to receive my check. However, when I get it, I'm buyin' an Emu and a Wavejet.

The Seattle Sehawks most definitely owe the Greenbay Packers a big fat DUBYA. Perhaps it's Mr Goodell that owns that debt though. Me thinks that the NFL will owe the regular zebras a big, fat thank you.

On a brighter note, I shall receive the FiveGuys Burger that the Gen. Counsel owes me for lunch. At which point, I will owe my waist line an extra-long evening session.