I saw some cool stuff this week an she ain't over. Tuesday, I saw some skinny kid on a modern, fiberglass 5 or 6 foot, fish tailed, 1" skegged fin, alaia pull a 720 on the flat face face of a big, ol slow rollin' slab. Looked like hot sh!1_ skimboardin' from back home, only it was on a wave face a foot bigger than the alaia.

This evening, I saw a paddle boarder get barreled. First time I've ever seen that. Small wave, bout 4 footer, barely under the lip, totally tucked in, paddle across the knees, one knee on the board; but hey, if there's water over your head and a hollow behind you, goalazo. I see dude out there all the time, usually evening sesh, rides an 8'6" Hobie performance paddle board, rips it up. Thing weighs less than my log.

Also tonight, I saw one o the biggest damn sea lions, I've ever seen. Thing was as big as a bottlenose almost.