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    A couple weeks ago, I was driving through a rougher part of the city and was at a red light. This big, burly bald guy was standing outside his car for a solid 15 seconds (long light) before two police cruisers pulled up, ran up to him and cuffed him. While the cruisers pulled up, he just put his hands behind his head and waited to be cuffed with zero resistance. It's like the dude had been on the lam for months and was just tired of running. Guess he just wanted that dependable prison food.

    Saw the Bruins lay waste to the Blackhawks in Game 3 in some sick seats I won that I could've sold for over a grand each. When in Rome.

    At dawn patrol on Tuesday AM, I'd been out in the water for a solid hour of quality, previous waves when this straight gorgi surfer chick paddles out. Now, let's talk about a wetty that fits perfectly and on a frame that was spectacular. I stayed out another 90 minutes just to kick some game to her, look at her, and catch whatever waves were left. Girl had some skill too. But man, that wetsuit. Those cheeks. Wow. In the morning sun. Great bucket too. Face to die for and you know this girl wears no makeup yet isn't hippie trash. Yeah brah, I seen something cool recently!!

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    I was fishing in the bay by Westhampton in long island and a huge leatherback turtle swam past us. We watched it surface a few times. It was an awesome sight.

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    I can't wait til I see these turtles, baby sharks, mermaids and such. My buddy who patrolled with me yesterday morning said he saw a fish jump outta the water. Told him I hoped a fish would jump up and land on my board like someone on here said happened to them. Told him I'd pull an Ozzy and bite its head off!! Gnarl. 40 minutes until the next dawn sesh. Maybe this is the day for a free meal...

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    This afternoon, saw a brah with gold teeth walk up to me while I was sunning me bones and we shot the $hit.

    On Monday, I saw a few water spouts and damn near funnel clouds almost connect during a crazy storm.

    Last weekend, I saw a group of dudes dressed in drag walk across a horizontally-placed telephone pole and subsequently eat $hit when treating it like a balance beam.

    Keep this thread going brahs. We all like seeing cool things.

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    cool? Lame?...yes.

    Last week, I saw a dude paddle out on an inflatable raft (looked like a small bed, actually). He coulda gone anywhere on that pos, but he paddles out to the main peak of the best spot in town. He caught some waves, but got pounded on all of them...complete obstacle kook. Then some other guy paddles out with prescription glasses duct taped to his head. With all the water dropplets on the front (he didn't ever bother to wipe off) there's no way he could have seen much...explains why he never caught any waves. Another obstacle.

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    Last night, I was on the porch listening to our mother speak to me through the tide before I retired for the eve. A car pulled up to the empty adjacent lot as they often do at night. Driver opens the door and out comes some sort of pup, had to be a German shepherd. Pup goes out in front of the headlights in the sand to do its biz. Not only does it raise a leg, it twists its torso towards the posted up leg side and raises its front leg (second off ground) as if doing one of those explosive push-ups where you end up pointing one arm to the ceiling. This was done for no other reason than to be awesome while pissing. Coolest dog ever.

    Today and tonight were laden with wicked cool things I saw, but those are beyond the scope of this forum.

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    Shoots, brah, just now I poke my head out on the porch to scope the tide for dawn patrol when I hear a bit of chatter to the left. I look and see two females spooning each other in the sand. Thing is, not only do they have provisions pointing towards a premeditated occupancy overnight there, they've also got wigs on that make them look like Cyndi Lauper. This has been a very productive week so Ima let sleeping dogs lie and go charge the mush.

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    If you go to the last, hmmm...maybe 5 or 6 posts on every thread, there is always some kind of negativity in almsot every one I look at. Except for some of those good guys like dlrouen.