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    That Noll looks like it's never seen the water!

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    Saw dozens upon dozens skilled surfers today doing their thing. Cool as hell. They were good.

    Also saw this milf simply tear peaks apart. I'm talking she did everything and pulled it out on smaller clean waves. Even a smooth layback barely having enough push from the wave to stand back up. Her snaps were fast, her pumping was smooth, and cutbacks nasty. She'd throw in a floater wherever necessary and was finding some serious speed in the mush out front. She was taking ordinary waves and squeezing out all they had. Mad finesse too. Had her younger daughter with her who was ripping hard herself but not like momma. She may have been as good or better than the best guy pound for pound and that's saying a lot with who was there. Sick milf.

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    Oh yeah and saw this too:image.jpg

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    And this: image.jpg

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    And then:image.jpg

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    No and then: image.jpg

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    Recently saw this while going around ORF to get to the beach.


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    Was sitting on my lawn yesterday reading and there was a two set of chicks there on the beach that had been there all afternoon and looked pretty decent. Their friend parks in the adjacent lot to the beach here and walks out for a few minutes with them. Mind you, it looks like she's got some sexretary office attire on until I look closer and the tight black blouse is more like a half-shirt and the pants are tight and white and all of this is complemented by her heels that she was graceful with walking in the sand.

    She finishes up whatever she was talking about with them then heads back to her car in the lot which is maybe 30-40 feet from where I'm sitting on my lawn. As she tries to get in her car, she sets off the alarm and it takes her two solid minutes to turn it off. By this point, she's embarrassed as hell and although a 9 on the Southern scale, she must've felt like a 2. When she finally shuts the alarm off she looks around to see if anyone saw and then sees me grinning. She looked horrified and then smiled back when I said "don't worry. Nobody saw." She waves and leaves. This morning I'm getting a coffee down the street and I feel a tap on the shoulder. It's her and she apologized repeatedly and ended up giving me her number. Man, I had to put neither effort nor azzholish behavior in for that one.

    Later in the day, I'm driving back from a mushfest sesh at the break and see this runner juggling. That's correct. He's 1) yogging, and 2) juggling three balls. There's all sorts of one-way roads in MA and he's running the opposite so I have to go a couple back roads to beat him to the light he'd be coming up to a few minutes later. Got there with time to spare but it was tough to get the right angle for the pic and the shutter speed on even the iPhone 6 isn't great (the only downfall to that model). Managed to score one though. Here it is:


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    saw a young wannabe gang member pushing a baby in a stroller. He was wearing the whole costume and walking with a strut...looked real cool...with a stroller

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    I saw a kayaker at my local break last week who had pig hooves instead of feet. No joke, I paddled closer for a better look. Not booties, legit pig feet. One big toe, and the other four webbed together all the way to their ends.