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    Maybe I'm rememberingit wrong. I could have sworn our flight to El Salvador was 4 hours maybe it was more like 4.5 idk, lol. I like to remember it as 4 just seems more within reach.

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    I went to school in Hawaii as a teenager and then later moved back for little while longer. At the time living next to an excellent left did not seem like a big deal to me, as a matter of fact, surfing was not a main thing in my life at all and I was involved with sports. Most kids I knew surfed and I'd get out there, too, mostly for social thing and to just kick it. Over the years I have sure met lots of super die hard enthusiasts, from Michigan, Poland, and who knows where else not and what always got to me was that the further one lived from good waves, the bigger enthusiast one was. Met a guy from Italy who knew more about surfing, boards, etc. then anyone in 808 I ever came across. He was an okay intermediate but a A+ enthusiast.
    I love to surf nowadays, it's a nice, simple, activity. Low input, high reward. But it's not the only thing in my life and when I read a post from someone from Maine willing to sell a left kidney for more waves I would like to politely point him to the fact that, you know...YOU CAN MOVE, 9 times out of 10. They have few jobs left over in CA. Most times their surfing would get better and their hard core attitude stabilize. If it matters so much, why not...easy, brah. They sure have a fresh batch of dedicated haoles rolling into HI every year ready to out hard core everyone and live on ramen. Locals love them. Brazilians, too.
    I got out yesterday and it was worth it, it wasn't convenient but well worth it on my scale. And, yes, I worked far so it was a long drive.
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    I'm in DC and wanna go surf! Need a

    Hi guys,
    I'm willing to go out surfing! I do bodyboard for around 17 years already and definitely need to go surf soon. I'm in DC and I'm alright to share gas to get out surfing.

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    Has circumstance found you this dumpy smelly sh!%hole of a swamp we call Washington D.C? Yeah, me too. And it blows. I have amassed a very small group who shred here, but still I find myself spending ungodly amounts of cash on gas for those random solo trips when the less motivated are content to battle hipsters in the district. So today's your lucky day, if you shred, are motivated, and love waking up to drive hours for shore pound, send me a message. Would love to set up a solid D.C. Carpool crew on top of what we have so far.

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    Yeh I live and work in the DC area too. I'm a year round surf who thinks about surfing all the time when not on stage. Happy to carpool if the timing works. Fortunately my surfer daughter just moved to VB so that makes it livable and easier to get to OBX.

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    I live in DC and we're lucky enough to have a small place on the eastern shore. We come here on weekends and holidays. Send me an IM when you're here. Would love to meet up and surf with you.

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    Buy a boat and just wake surf on the rivers down there.

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    Yo, I know this post is kind of old but I just landed myself in DC from 2 years in CR and some time in Cali. I am trying to find some mates to drive with. I waste mad money driving to Ocean City by myself to catch a session! Hit me up people! I got some waves this sunday, boom chilly

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    Has the shredmachine returned from his lobotomy & subsequent recuperation in an ashram?

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    Quote Originally Posted by yankee View Post
    Has the shredmachine returned from his lobotomy & subsequent recuperation in an ashram?
    For real man! Then he went and started another thread on the subject.

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    This is probably too late but still looking for a crew? I surf too, am new to the district.