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    Lightbulb stadium lighting

    It's' probably just me, but it seems like the surf always improves when the sun goes down . Are there any spots out there that have enough lighting to do night surfing? What would it take to get some stadium lighting in our favorite surf spots? Perhaps if enough of us get together on this we can make something happen.

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    As much as i enjoy surfing, and I really do, the last thing I want to see up and down the beach is stadium lighting. It's a beach...not Disney World...or the Superdome.

    I do know what you mean though about the surf being good past dark--it always seems like the swell is peaking at night or the winds switch offshore in the evening and glass it off after dark...only by the time the morning hits it's killed it flat.

    Don't know where you're surfing, but 'round here, you can go surf close by one of the piers at night (albeit not legally)--they've got lights that shine down on the water. I used to go out and surf at night under those lights--back when I didn't know any better. Turns out those lights will bring up some pretty bull sharks round the piers...

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    In ocmd, especially in the summer, the larger hotels (ex. the carousal) have large spot lights illuminating the beach for the tourists to beach comb at night. Some of these lights make it bright enough to see what you are doing out there. Another tid bit of info that I just learned is that it takes 3 min for your eyes to adjust 1/3 of your possible night vision, 30 mins for them to adjust 2/3 of their capability, and 3 hours to be able to totally see in the dark. Maybe you could just sit in a closet for 3 hours before you want to get wet

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    You could go for the night vision goggles

    Obviously I'm not serious but that would look pretty awesome.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wavehunter View Post
    You could go for the night vision goggles

    Obviously I'm not serious but that would look pretty awesome.
    dont discount the idea. i've thought pretty seriously about this, and it has been done before.

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    CurtFlirt732 Guest
    u can buy portable stadium lights that run on generators ive seen them prob cost a few grand but could be an idea i know red bull set up something in AC at night and did a whole tow out contest theres a video on surfline for it but its def an idea maybe even to do a night contests

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    Right about 36th street in OC MD that hotel puts off enough light to surf at night in the summer. We did it a handful of times over the past couple of years. You can see almost everything that is going on around you and if it is moon lit you have it made. Check it out it is a lot of fun.

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    during the summer, during benny season, is it possible to surf Casino Pier at night. I've seen it done but I've never bothered to try it out myself.

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