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    Whats your Daily driver?

    What have you been surfing on lately?
    What type of waves does it excel at?
    Fin Set up?
    What you like about it and what you don't.

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    Aug 2010
    5'10" 19"3/8 half moon tail shortboard made by brian wynn. almost hybrid fish looking, but super thin and loose. quad setup with stretch quads

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    Lost motivator 510...

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    a 6'3x18 3/4 x 2 3/8 for anything over chest high
    and a 5'10x20x2 1/2 fish for just junk and playing around.

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    Nov 2009
    in the grace of the most holy FSM
    here on the east coast, i don't think there is such a thing as a "daily driver". that being said, the boards i ride most frequently here in jersey are:

    5'8" bing puck (quad)
    6'0" ci neckbeard (5 fin set up as a quad)
    6'3" wynn roundtail (5 fin set up as a quad)...this one is going to have to be cleaned up & retired for a bit in order to make it last until my honeymoon next year. so instead of riding this board, i'll be riding a
    6'4" roberts black thumb (thruster)

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    Aug 2009
    Monmouth Beach, NJ
    Three boards in my quiver that get the most water time:

    good waves... chest high to just overhead... 6'6 round tail thruster

    small/mushy waves... waist to shoulder high... 6'0 fish

    small and clean... knee to waist... 9'3 single fin noserider

    On the biggest days of the year... head and a half to as big as it gets... 7'0 rounded pin thruster

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    Apr 2008
    In a state of flux
    6'2"x20.5"x2.5" Ashton squashtail thruster. its basically an 80's shape with more modern foils. the board works insane in anything from thigh high to head high. it gets a bit skittish when it gets overhead.

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    5'4" FST Firewire Sweet Potato, FCS H2 quad board I've ever had for East Coast surf, & I've been surfing 20 years...having the right fin for the board makes a big difference as well.

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    variety is the spice of life. Unless the waves are of consequence I grab whatever I'm feelin. Fish, the six fo, a retro, whatever, I try to spread the love. Real waves I grab the pin tail 6'6 or gasp... the step up travel board 7'2 bushman

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    Sep 2008
    i grab my sweet potato (6'x23"x3") 99% of the time because VB waves are incredibly mushy. I think I will get a custom log here soon for those small knee-thigh winter peelers

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