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    Quote Originally Posted by MFitz73 View Post
    I didnt embarrass myself. He left and there were no more incidents for the next several hours I was out. I mean zero. Not even the usual accidental ones.
    you clearly dont want to hear other peoples statements so why post you idiot

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    Quote Originally Posted by austinj215 View Post
    After watching the video I am embarrassed for the op. Jumping on some kid cause he dropped in on you on some 1 ft mush and then posting it on swellinfo. Wow I'd expect that out of a 10 year old.

    How do you handle the summer when there's like 5 people on each wave?
    Learn how to police ur lineup.

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    I hope your trolling the messageboard. I'm assuming your almost 40?

    If not....
    Nothing worse than a aggro middle age longboarder, with a gopro and a violent streak. Have fun regulating the waist high beach break. Seriously, your a loser.

    PS your style blows too. Nothing worse than a kook using a longboard as a crutch. do a cheater 5, walk the board, ride the nose, hang ten, something remotely stylish. Or is your Gopro in the way?

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    Quote Originally Posted by yankee View Post
    Backpeddlin' like a mofo, eh ?

    MFitz clearly had the right of way in this imbroglio.

    Just stay silent when you have nothing intelligent to contribute.
    No I am not, at all. I don't backpeddle, I only move in one direction, forwards.

    Re-read my original post, if you have time. There is no place for this type of behavior.

    It's freakin surfing and its supposed to be fun. The only way I "police the lineup" is by making sure that everyone is having fun and not getting stressed out over surfing.

    Please follow your own advice, thank you, peace.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cresto4 View Post
    I can, JCrew. No matter how much we may wish otherwise, kids are not going to be or act like adults. And if you really are a school principal as someone mentioned and you think fitz was justified in taking that kid out, what do you think would happen to you and your illustrious career if you pulled that stunt on one of your students?
    Wow... I'm really being put under the microscope here...

    I think this discussion is an important one, and I have an opinion, like everybody else. When I watch the video I see a few things... First, it doesn't look like a child to me. So if age is the issue here, and it seems to be for you and a lot of others. Let me make it clear AGAIN... I do not condone violence against children.

    Second... this "violence" everybody's referring to is questionable to me. When I look at the video, it appears as though no physical contact is made between the two people. Not even a shove. It looks to me like one guy basically falls onto the other guys board, at pretty much zero miles per hour. This is not something I would consider a "violent act." And if you make the stretch to this being an act of violence, you're creating a slippery slope... is dropping in an act of violence? Spraying somebody on a turn? Grabbing somebody's rail? NOTHING HAPPENED. NOBODY GOT HURT. Don't you need to show "damages" in order to press charges? I don't know... these are questions I'm asking.

    Third... as others have said, and I agree, it could easily be argued that this was an accident. If I just watched the video, and didn't here any explanation or commentary, I'd say this looked like a guy falling over at the end of a ride onto another guys board.

    Yes... I'm a high school principal... though "illustrious" is not a term I'd use to describe my career! And yes... bad things could and SHOULD happen if I did something inappropriate to a child. Don't you think I know this? I'll bet if I was a plumber, people wouldn't be giving me so much heat. But because I've decided to dedicate my career to helping kids... kids who most people have written off (including some of their own parents, if you can believe that)... I'm being put in the spotlight. Kinda ironic...
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    Quote Originally Posted by bubonicphoniks View Post
    It's freakin surfing and its supposed to be fun. The only way I "police the lineup" is by making sure that everyone is having fun and not getting stressed out over surfing.
    you know what stresses me out? people who repeatedly ignore the rules of the lineup. are you one of those free love surfers who drop in on people with a smile on their faces then can't believe anyone would get mad over a wave and we should all just chill and get along? screw that. follow the rules or get regulated. it's the only thing that keeps the lineup from turning to total chaos and more regulars should speak up when people get out of line.

    again, we should all be very cautious about physical confrontation but there are other ways to handle this and just ignoring it and smiling is the worst thing you can do.

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    Watch out brah the rockaway hui going to fall on your board then post it on the net......

    Don't even think of telling him to f*ck off, or they going to think about doing something.

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    PS definitely going to drop in on you this winter, so keep your gopro running.
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    I never knew there were so many panty-wadded little girls on this site. Must be the same people who cut in front of you on the road only to slam on brakes in order to get in a driveway then get mad at you for rear-ending them. (yes, technically in that case it's the rear-ender's fault but that in no way absolves the rear-eneded's complete douchebaggery and "me first" attitude)

    Have the population of righteously offended people on SI never watched a freaking surf video? War(d) Stories, Young Wisetails, most vids with Joel Tudor in them, some Alpine Live Vids (love em, please keep em coming guys), Out2Brunch, etc, etc, etc?

    Fitz's little altercation (which is barely even that) is relatively common. The "kid" (if you're almost 18 or around that age you are NOT A KID) got what was coming to him.... barely. Bottom line, don't intentionally drop in on people--even if you are a self-entitled know-it-all little puke, and definitely DO NOT LET YOUR ACTIONS WRITE A CHECK YOUR ASS CAN'T CASH! That kid has something coming to him, it may not be from Fitz, but it's coming nonetheless.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Henny View Post
    Not when he posts a video and makes statements that he intended to do it ... You dumb fvck .
    This is what I don't get about forums, I offer my opinion and I get called a dumb f*ck. I insulted no one and am entitled to my opinion. I don't go to the gym and I don't start fights. You need to flush your vagina you piece of sh#t. As if the law even has the resources to intervene in this incident unless the "kid" calls them, in which case Fitz could have stabbed him and I would applaud him. So F**K YOU Henny, you piece of sh*t.