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    last time I was in Costa Rica, we were at Ollies Pt, me and 3 friends plus one other boat with 2 guys from San Diego had it head+ and perfect for a couple hrs, then a boatload of Brazilians showed up, there were a couple of families age range from about 12 to older than me, I'd guess late 50s. They surfed in that completely etiquette free manner they are known for. We had a longboard on the boat so I swam back and grabbed it. Nice 10ft RA single fin. I position myself way inside and say (in English) first person to drop in on me gets plowed. Of course, the youngest Brazilian, maybe 12, paddle-battles then drops in on me. So I stepped back onto the tail to try stall and go above him, but I miss-timed it and ran right over him. Nose of board then fin hit him right in the shins. I asked him if he was ok, he said si, and I paddled away. Meanwhile the kid's whole family has seen the whole incident. Father, grandfather, brothers/cousins. All tough-guy Brazilian MMA looking types. Seeing as how I'm in a completely remote place in a foreign 3rd world country, I decide I don't want to get my skull cracked open and I play it apologetic and humble to the kids dad, who looks to be in this mid-30s, the guy just looks at me, smiles and laughs and goes "no problem" - meanwhile his kid is bleeding from the shin and obviously in intense pain. He checks to make sure he is ok and we all surfed there for another 2 hrs and no one made the slightest reference to the incident. I saw the guy later that night at the bars and I apologized again. The guy said "no problem, he need to get tough, get beat up a little." Had this incident happened anywhere in America with Americans, one can only imagine the ensuing coddling, whining and self-righteous threatening and yelling on the part of both the kid and the elders. The kid in that video got way less than he deserved on the wave and deserved to get a backhand across the face for saying **** off in response.

    Yeah you're right... There are only altercations in the water in the US. Everywhere else in the world people are super friendly.... That is not only ridiculous, it is just wrong.

    Did it make you feel good when you saw a 12 year old in pain? No... You wouldn't apologize if you weren't afraid of his dad??? Cool..

    That could have easily happened to the kid in the video. Would that have been a good result? I dont think Fitz would have been happy if that happened... That's why it was a bad idea...

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    Are you people kidding me? Surfing is about surfing, not picking fights. I don't care that "he started it". You want to fight? Join the USMC and go see real violence. It's a terrible thing, and we are very blessed to live in a country where we do not have to deal with that on a daily basis.

    Sure, the kid was being a little sh!t head, but in a peaceful society we can deal with this without WWF moves. We should consider the entire ocean as our home break. Protect it, surf it, love it. Would you go to another country and do that? I doubt it. Somehow you decided you are entitled to your personal brand of satisfaction , regardless of the consequences. That's called being a bully, and it is unacceptable anywhere. It does not matter that "he started it". You sunk to his level when you responded inappropriately.
    Very well put sir. I applaud this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cepriano View Post

    watch the 1st 30 seconds,thats how a real surfer handles a drop in!
    That was awesome!