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    Quote Originally Posted by follybeachpro View Post
    yeah your right folly is'nt that great. and in general the whole east coast is'nt that consistent. so what are you trying to say? i travel to the west coast all the time and am rarely home so you can suck it
    Oh man you go to Cali!!!! WOW I am soooooo impressed! Oh and right now my location is in your mom's cooch! Sorry could not resist stirring up the drama some more

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    Serious answer:

    YES. You can stash a surfboard on the train.

    Many years ago my truck was stolen in Atlantic City and I rode the train to Philadelphia with boards.

    Got my truck back. (weed and sunglasses gone)

    It was my fault for stashing my keys in an obvious place in a town full of desperate people. lesson learned.

    Just like you know it's your fault for the situation you find yourself in.

    Best of luck!

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    Quote Originally Posted by zaGaffer View Post
    We can't all be the King of Folly Bech, your majesty.

    Ankle to knee high ESE wind swell.

    Clean with N winds 10-15mph.

    6am N 14mph ESE 1.1 ft @ 8 sec
    9am N 13mph ESE 1.2 ft @ 8 sec
    12pm N 15mph ESE 1.2 ft @ 8 sec
    3pm N 8mph ESE 1.3 ft @ 8 sec
    6pm NNE 5mph ESE 1.6 ft @ 9 sec
    2+ ft 2+ ft
    2+ ft 2-3 ft
    1-2 ft 2+ ft
    1-2 ft 2+ ft
    3 ft 3 ft
    2-3 ft 1-2 ft
    I surfed folly/washout for 3 years straight and it was actually pretty good...the consistency was relatively spread out (not nearly as bad as the gulf, where I used to live), but the shape was good to perfect plenty of days. Tons of perfect barrels if you surf every swell, all year...not huge barrels, but just right to get done what you need to do to feel like a good surfer. Folly locals are very good good as any I've seen anywhere in world.

    btw, cali may have ridable waves 360 days a year, but a lot of the waves, especially north of santa barbara, are closed out or crumbly/barely makeable sections most of the time. Very few jettys and groomed sandbars compared to the east coast, so people crowd to the piers because it's the only place with a decent sandbars - **** show. Sometimes I wish for the shape folly gets. Shape is everything, imo.
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    You can definitely take your board on the train. U stowe it on the racks above the seating. Ive done it multippe times with no problems.

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    You're born, you die, and in between you make a lot of mistakes.

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    Again thank u all