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    Quote Originally Posted by goosemagoo View Post
    From that article, LA seems like a psycho jackoff.

    I can guarantee that Kolohe Andino doesn't dope because he just continues to lose

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    If you want results, then you have to levy stiff penalties. The fact that MLB has a list of at least 100 high profile baseball players who tested positive which has not (nor is intended to be) released is proof enough that they really dont care. Selig came out and said the Sosa / McGuire thing rescued the game. I'm calling BS on that. This year in the Bigs has been the year of the pitcher, and baseball is at its best again. You dont have average or below average ballplayers coming out of nowhere to hit 328 with 100 Rib-Eyes and 40 Yard shots after batting 210 over 5 years. Lifetime ban, take their stats off the books, and grin and bare the fact that you can't alter the historic scores or results, but ensure the fact that the dignity and fairness of the game, whatever game it is, is restored going forward.
    In Germany if you get caught drunk driving once they take your license away forever. FOREVER. They dont have too much drunk driving over there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OBlove View Post
    Please quote me on a name that I called you again? And, I am not hiding behind anything. My name is Steven O'Boyle. I live in Bethany Beach Delaware. I don't stand for doping. When people try to justify doping as ok or leveling of the playing field, I am coming right at you and letting you know what I think. I work with elite athletes every single day and they see my posts hear and other places. They know what I stand for. I know what illegal drugs are in many over the counter weigh proteins and I will guide many athletes (courtesy of the Knowledge of elite surfers and triathletes Kenny Savage and Jack Powell) to eat food and not supplements. If you want, stop by the "heavy break" some time so you and I can get a better understanding of each other. I will teach you a lot about dope and how to pig dog a frothy one. When we are done, we will go get on some bikes, I have plenty, and I will show you how people who don't dope can still win races. Until then please realize that I don't hide behind anyone or anything and I will never EXCEPT DOPERS or justifying of “any of the such.”
    People post a lot of crazy stuff on this forum, which is why I love it. I forget who coined the term "Surf Jihad!st", but it's one of my favorites. It was on one of the original S-T-R-E-T-C-H threads. That and "Kook Confetti", mad props to Erock. OBLove, I don't know how to "pig dog a frothy one", let alone what it means; but I gotta tell ya, this makes my list of favorite expressions.

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    So OBLOVE dude let me ask you how during a race can they set a blood transfusion lab up with no official checking the hotel and such. Come on!! As far as doping in general its the old life wisdom that says; There is a right way and a wrong way to do things. Money rules the game like has been said in this thread and Big Pharm loves doping. But you called it man I dont have kids.

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    Lance Armstrong is a douchebag and always has been. He's a liar, a fraud and a coward. A friend of mine was working the crew for the Americans on the Tour de France back in Lance's day and he said they were all doping and lying about. Good for the French for calling out Armstrong years ago - looks like they were right.

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    i dont give a dang whut he does, as longs as hes american, and wins for americuh!

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    Well, one thing is certainly true. It's not about the bike! Never was.